Author: Renee Sullivan

How Juvederm Voluma Changed My Life

Hello. My name is Rozina. I am 28 years old and I am very conscious about how good I look, I am not that pretty among my friends and sometimes it makes me a little sad. In past summers I was not even attending any meetups or parties because one of my friends made fun of my lips, it’s not that big and nice so people often make fun of that and after sometimes depression hit me so hard that I locked myself in one room. One day I was talking with my only friend and she was sharing her aunt experience in Juvederm. Likewise, I have small lips and I wanted a little more volume in my upper lip. When she told me about this I was a bit scared about stepping into something which can cause lifelong regret.

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I’m a Teenage Student who lives on his own so I have no or very little time to get a proper breakfast or meal each day. I noticed that I was starting to stay dizzy and tired all the time. It was because my body wasn’t getting the proper nutrition and liquids. One way to overcome that was to get a healthy nutrition filled drink in the morning, evening and before bed. So in order to schedule this routine I took out my old blender and realized that it was in a much worse condition than I thought! So my only option was to buy a new one which was a challenge in itself. I looked upon many options online and in stores, some of them were good and some of them were average but I was looking for a blender which can give me results instantly, saves my time, is durable in nature, has well renowned name, creates minimal mess (cause I’ve no time to clean up the mess) and comes with a Warranty.

So when I narrowed this list downed and started searching the most common name that popped was “Vitamix”. When I first looked it up it felt a little expensive to me (because I had not tried it) but all the reviews I read were very positive and satisfied. So I ordered one for myself hoping that money won’t go to waste.

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The Blender that I ordered was Vitamix 6500. It is one of the best blenders Vitamix has to offer. This blender is unique in relation to other Vitamix models for its 3 pre-modified settings which are smoothies, hot soups and ice cold deserts. Aside from its pre-program settings, 6500 has 9 variable speed control built in system which will assist you in finding the ideal flavors and mouthwatering textures upon your desires. Now let’s talk about some main features of this incredible machine.

The Power of its Engine is 1470 watts; it has a variable speed control. Its Whole body is made up of BPA-Free Plastic, its structure is 17.2 x 7.2x 8.8 Inches. Its container can contain up to 64 ounces. It has Razor sharp cutting blades of 4” which are build specifically for power cutting and fast and smooth rotation. One of its new feature and highlight of this model is the 3 preprogrammed Settings and to put the icing on cake it comes with a guarantee of complete 7 years (with no extra shipping charges). 


Vitamix has so much variety that it’s impossible to find a suitable blender for you. No matter which one you choose the one thing that they have in each of their product is that they deliver what they promise. They charge you justly for everything because spending a little more is worth it.

These blenders surely make your life way easy! They save your valuable time by not creating a mess like most of the other blenders.